Nike Jr Superfly 9 Club MDS FG/MG Cobalt

by Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't chase his dream alone. Coaches, family members, role models have all helped mold him into the star he is today. Celebrate the people who have motivated you along the way. Floral-like lavender and electrifying yellows remind you to let inspirations know they're loved and appreciated. It's loaded with synthetic leather to help give you better ball control when the game is on the line.

Layered digital tones with metallic and color shifting add depth to a distorted flower graphic.

Synthetic leather upper has small textured details that provide grip for better ball control when dribbling at quick speeds.

Designed for various surfaces, conical studs offer supercharged traction with quick release and pivoting.

A comfortable lining wraps your foot for a natural, close-fitting feel.

Classic laces.

For use on natural and synthetic surfaces.

Cushioned insole.