Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy HG Black/Blue

by Nike
Type: Firm Ground

Always innovative, even Legends find ways to evolve. Those are the demands of the game.

Designed to raise your play to the next level, the latest iteration of these Academy cleats has all-new FlyTouch Lite engineered leather. Softer than natural leather, this conforms to your foot – without overstretch – so you can dictate the pace of your game, all game.

With sleek design, this is the lightest Tiempo to date. The Legend 10 is for players of all positions, too, whether you’re driving a pinpoint pass through the defense, going for goal or tracking back to stop a would-be goal.

Check out those microdots on the upper. They amplify touch zones for shooting, dribbling, and passing. They make for a sleeker look while taking out the extra padding. Even better, they don't sacrifice the ball control you need on the field. Nike shaved down the foam pods from the Tiempo 9, so your foot can get even closer to the ball when it’s in your control. Instead, Nike molded the lines into the cleat.

Control the action in all parts of the field. On the under, the plate blends conical studs in the heel for high-level traction and stability, especially when braking and changing direction, regardless of conditions.