Pirma Imperio Letal FG White/Blue/Pink/Yellow 3040

by Pirma
Type: Firm Ground

The Pirma Imperio Letal FG multicolor is a premium soccer cleat designed for players who demand both style and performance on the field. With its eye-catching multicolor design, these cleats will make you stand out on the pitch while also providing superior traction and support.The upper of the Pirma Imperio Letal FG is made from a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, which provides a comfortable and breathable fit while also offering durability and protection. The cleats are designed with a firm ground soleplate that features conical studs, which provide excellent traction and stability on natural grass surfaces.In addition to its superior performance features, the Pirma Imperio Letal FG also boasts a sleek and stylish design that is sure to turn heads. The multicolor design features a gradient pattern that transitions from bright blue to yellow, creating a bold and modern look that is perfect for players who want to make a statement on the field.Overall, the Pirma Imperio Letal FG multicolor is a top-of-the-line soccer cleat that combines performance, style, and comfort to help you dominate the competition.