Rinat Asimetrik Bionik Pro Red Gloves

by Rinat

It is a very complete glove, extremely comfortable and with a great performance. Its construction, materials and characteristics make it unique. Without a doubt, a great option to defend the goal safely.

Backhand: High frequency encapsulated backhand which gives you more cushioning and better protection, the material of which it is composed is soft and resistant, mounted on a highly breathable textile mesh.

Cut: Ergonomic, fits to the natural shape of the hand, facilitating flexion and giving more comfort. Its construction was significantly improved, now it is much more comfortable and aesthetic.

Spines: Plastic rods that protect and strengthen the fingers, thus reducing the risk of injury. Palm: Super Softy XP latex, great cushioning and good grip. It has engravings in certain areas to facilitate bending and have a better t in the hand.

Closure: Elastic wristband to provide greater support around the wrist. Wristband with customizable textile section and velcro closure for a better fit.